Westside Baptist Church

Martinez, GA

More about Melinda

Melinda Landers lives in Evans, GA with her husband Josh and three precious boys (Joshua, Levi & Griffin)

Melinda grew up in a loving Bible fearing home and has been taught from a child the truth of God’s Word! As a teenager she worked every winter and summer break at Camp Joy in Whitewater, WI! It was there that she developed love for people and ministry. She attended college at Bob Jones University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Ministries as well as a Minor in Music Education. She has served in ministry for over 20 years starting off as a nursery worker which led to much more ministry involvement in music, children’s ministries and various other ministries in the church. 

From Melinda:  "My heart for this ministry stems from my own need for growth in Christ and my desire to serve Him! We have been attending Westside Baptist Church for almost 5 years now and it has had an unmeasurable impact on us as a family! My heart strives to help the Ladies of Westside grow through this ministry. I thank the Lord that He takes the broken vessel and can use it for His glory! Will it be challenging as a mama of three littles? Absolutely! But the reality of life is that no matter how we order our days - what we put on our to do list, what systems we set in place, what things we add or let go of - we will never meet a standard of perfection! This life is riddled with things constantly pulling at our very being. Our inability to keep the perfect balance is not a mark of our failure, but merely a mark of our humanity on a broken earth. While we need to be good stewards, God isn’t asking us for perfection! He is asking for FAITHFULNESS!!!! He is asking us to be humble enough to regroup when things are not working and to walk in the grace purchased for us in Christ! Seeking balance is not the goal!!!! Christ is!!! That is my focus for this ministry! To pray for our ladies and give them the tools to grow! To help them grow so they can help their families grow and in turn help Westside Grow! That is the body of Christ! It is not Perfection! It is Faithfulness! "

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